My Journey…

As a child, I loved to draw, but like many of us my career and motherhood took me in a different direction.

In 2011, under doctor orders I had to take time off from my duties as CEO and owner of a large chain of cellular stores.  I was used to a dawn to dusk busy schedule and found it hard to just sit back and relax.  To fill my time, I decided to try drawing again. It proved to be just what the doctor ordered. I drew pictures of everything in my house and yard.  After a few weeks and post a successful surgery, I was able to return to work. My days were full again with little relaxation time allowed. I reluctantly put my pencils aside, but I made myself a solemn promise to pick them back up when I was able to retire.  

That day finally happened and soon after in 2016, I enrolled in a basic drawing class at the local art center. The following year, I went a step further and took beginner classes in both Watercolor and Colored Pencils. I loved both mediums but colored pencils became my primary choice.

Most of my subjects come from my travels on this continent and Europe or from our boat. My husband and I frequently explore the Sarasota Bay, Manatee River and the plethora of canals along their coastlines. I mostly love reproducing older buildings or boats that have fallen on hard times. Their age and cracks and peeling paint tell a poignant story.

I have had the privilege of learning from some very gifted art instructors and continue to take classes and participate in workshops and artists retreats to this day. I don’t think I could every learn enough from my teachers. I am in awe of their talent and their willingness to share their knowledge.

I frequently post my work in progress on Facebook so that my family and friends can see my latest endeavors. Recently, I asked my tech savvy husband to create a website where the family and myself can easily find the finished pieces in one place. Hence, the birth of jacquelyntaylor.com.

I only occasionally sell an original.  My thoughts are that I started this art thing late in life and who knows how long I can do it. There will probably be a relatively small body of pieces to pass on to my children and grandchildren. So, they get first dibs, then we’ll see what happens after that.”

In closing, I have found that making art is like my life. A journey where every achievement is a glorious wonder and every mistake made is a lesson learned that makes the next piece and the next day a little better than the one before.